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International Certifications

Language Certifications that our students       can achieve:



International certifications that measure English language competency and fluency at different levels:


(Key English Test)
Basic Level Certification
(Preliminar English Test)
Intermediate Certification
(First Certificate in English) 
Intermediate to Advanced Certification
(Teaching Knowledge Test)
Certification that
specifically offers our 12th-grade students the opportunity to become grade school or adult learner English language teachers, recognized internationally. 


In charge of measuring the use and fluency of the English language as required for entry at universities in Mexico and the world.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): This certification measures the use of, and reasoning in, English as related to university-level academic work.




These official certifications granted by the French government´s Public Education Ministry have an indefinite validity; they uphold the degree of competence and fluency in the French language for oral and written communication related to daily life.              

DELF A1: Certifies beginner´s knowledge of, and competency in, the language.

DELF A2: This certification not only evaluates basic language competency but also how the student can, as a social being, fulfill routine activities handling the language with greater naturalness.