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Personal Monitoring


We are a school that prides itself on knowing each and every one of our students, who are tended to in an individual way. Consequently, we are able to foster their personal talents and skills, encouraging the development of intelligence, the correct use of their freedom, and a solid formation of both heart and willpower.

The Psycho-Pedagogical Department at the Highlands International School works closely with teachers and parents in the integral formation of the pupils, offering specialized information about their personal skills and strengths, as well as their areas of opportunity, taking into consideration that the ultimate goal is their emotional, social and academic wellbeing.

Because we closely know each of our students, this allows us to personally, and timely, monitor their needs. We also rely upon “CRECE LIBRE”, the program designed to prevent and control abuse at school. Besides complying with those guidelines established by the SEP (Mexico´s Ministry of Education), it allows us to work in tandem with students and their families in a timely and integral fashion.Within our system, discipline is formative; it is a means that seeks to promote a deeper, personal understanding that creates responsible personalities, convinced about the positive use of their personal freedom through self-reflection and one-on-one assistance.