Welcome to the Highlands International School, the best International Catholic Educational offer in the southern area of Mexico City. If you are seeking a warm, value-filled environment that offers the opportunity to experience differentiated education within co-ed environments starting in Middle School, academic excellence, cutting-edge programs including the use of technology within the classroom setting, and the promotion of diverse sports … Then this is the school for your children!!!       
At the Highlands International School we pursue the integrative, comprehensive formation of the future leaders that current society requires. Every day we work towards strengthening the skills and tools of each of our students, closely monitoring them, with the specific purpose of witnessing their happiness as they accomplish their goals and reap their successes. Moreover, our school is concerned about the wellbeing of the family, so we offer formative courses for the parents, particularly because they are their children´s first guides.  Our staff is carefully selected to guarantee their professionalism, as well as their commitment towards their vocation and the mission that has been entrusted to us. We invite you to set up an appointment in order to visit our schools and to receive all the necessary information.
We shall be waiting for you,  
Victoria Giorgana de Orduña