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Spiritual Instruction and Values


We rely upon the support of our priests and consecrated ladies to guide and contribute to the spiritual and values instruction of each one of our students and their families. 

We offer different programs that tend to the diverse needs of our students, teachers, and parents.

We seek to ensure that our Integral Instruction Programs meet three fundamental criteria, to help us keep close sight of the main goal for each of our activities. These criteria are:                                    

  • They encourage a true and deep meeting with Jesus Christ.                                                
  • They answer the existential queries of each person involved.
  • They guide towards living our Faith in the community since it is the only way that it can be lived.






By participating in Missions, both our students and their families share with less fortunate people their time, their knowledge, and, primarily, their encounter with God,     Social Work, and Missions, as well as the parents´ support, instill a desire for a more just world within the hearts of each of our students.   

At the Highlands International School, we provide Comprehensive Formation, one that encompasses the different aspects of our students´ personalities: Human, spiritual, intellectual and apostolic. It fosters the strengthening of the gifts that we have received from God, mainly seeking the development of our students´ intelligence, correct use of reason, and, in particular, the formation of personal will.

Through diverse activities, we give our students the skills that help them know, cherish, live and communicate moral and spiritual virtues, learned in a habitual, firm and committed manner, following their age and developmental level. We aim to help them become aware of the importance of helping those in need.